National Center for Effective Mental Halth Consultation

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For Head Start Administrators

Head Start Administrators reviewing materials.A strong mental health component of an Head Start program begins with an administrator who has a comprehensive vision for what mental health is. Mental health is more than attending to children who have problem behaviors. There is a continuum of services and supports that need to be in place to support healthy social and emotional development in young children—including supports for staff and families.

Currently, there are more than 40 performance standards that relate to mental health. Head Start administrators make important decisions that affect the quality of their mental health program, including the choice of who to contract with as their mental health consultant.

The products developed by the CECMHC are designed to:

  • help HS administrators assess quality of their approach to mental health;
  • build their capacity to support and sustain evidence-based strategies in their Head Start programs; and
  • provide guidance and resources that can support a continuum of high-quality mental health services and supports to children, families and staff in Head Start programs.

Materials for Head Start Administrators

Materials to Increase Knowledge of Developing, Implementing, and Maintaining ECMHC Services:

Materials to Assess Need for ECMHC and Evaluate Services:

Materials to Hire a Consultant:

Materials to Identify Social-Emotional Screening Tools

Materials to Identify Social-Emotional Curriculua:

Materials to Identify Social-Emotional Programs for Families:

Materials to Identify Cultural and Linguistic Competence of Programs:

Additional Resources

Find additional materials for families in our Library.


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