National Center for Effective Mental Halth Consultation

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For Mental Health Consultants

Mental Health Consultants consulting best practices.Mental health consultants are an important resource to Head Start programs across the country. Currently, there are a limited number of licensed mental health practitioners who have expertise in infant, toddler and preschool social-emotional development, family systems and are comfortable working in group settings.

Mental health professionals working with Head Start programs may benefit from additional skills, knowledge and resources that help them work as a consultant—in addition to providing clinical services.

The products developed by the CECMHC are designed to:

  • help mental health consultants assess their skills and knowledge;
  • build their capacity to integrate evidence-based strategies into their work with Head Start programs; and
  • identify additional resources that can support a continuum of high-quality mental health services and supports to children, families and staff in Head Start programs.

Materials for Mental Health Consultants

Materials to Increase Knowledge of ECMHC Best Practices and Social-Emotional Health:

  • Consultant Self-Assessment and Resources Crosswalk: PDF | Word
  • Resources Crosswalk: PDF | Word

Best Practice Tutorials:

Materials to Increase Integration of the Teaching Pyramid Model:

Materials to Increase Use of Evidence-Based Strategies:

Additional Materials:

Additional Resources

Find additional materials for families in our Library.


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