National Center for Effective Mental Halth Consultation

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Library: Resources and Training Tools

The CECMHC products translate research-based knowledge into practical strategies that can be implemented in Head Start programs across the country. These products include: self-assessment tools and web-based, best-practice tutorials that build the skills and capacity of mental health consultants and program administrators; implementation toolkits for each level of the Pyramid Model; and relaxation techniques to promote staff wellness.

Materials developed on this site are protected by Georgetown University's copyright policies. However, we encourage you to download them for use in your work.

  • Permission is not required if the material is to be (1) used unaltered and (2) proper credit is given to the authors and to CECMHC.
  • Permission is required if the material is to be (1) modified in any way; (2) used in broad distribution; or (3) used for commercial purpose.

Administrative Tools

As you seek the services of a mental health consultant, here is a sample contract and memorandum of understanding that other Head Start programs have used. Feel free to download and modify it for your program's use.

Assessment Tools

Baby Books

Best Practice Tutorials

Choose and Use Guide

Community of Learners: Social Media

Evidence-based Strategies

Fact Sheets


Relaxation Resources

Posters for Head Start Staff to Increase Positive Social-Emotional Interactions

Posters for Parents to Increase Positive Social-Emotional Interactions

Social Emotional Tips




What Works Series



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