National Center for Effective Mental Halth Consultation

Activity: What Would You Do?

Read the two, real-life-based scenarios below and imagine the "rest of the story" and how it might play out. Before you read the "rest of the story"…

  • Determine what type/s of consultation might be helpful and
  • Jot down what steps you would take and specific effective strategies or activities you might apply in these situations to assure high quality ECMHC services.

Scene 1/Take 1

Based on the classroom teacher's concern about Sandra's frequent crying, Dr. Stuart was scheduled to observe Sandra in her classroom. When he discovered that she was no longer in the program, he realized that she was the fourth child to leave suddenly. The Head Start program is located near a public housing development that is being relocated. Neither the program director, nor staff, families, nor children have addressed this issue.

Scene 2/Take 1

A 16-year-old mother, Wanda, complained to the Family Services Worker that Juanita, her 18 month old was a stubborn, "bad" little girl who did not listen to her. Wanda expressed frustration and anger, saying that she is afraid that she might lose control one day. She went on to say that she has tried talking to her, threatening to put her to bed, and taking away toys. Nothing seems to make difference in Juanita's willful behavior.




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