National Center for Effective Mental Halth Consultation

Activity: Who's on Your Team?

Make a list below of the people you will invite to be part of your mental health strategic planning process.

Role Name Alternate Name
Mental Health/Disabilities Component Manager
Teaching Staff
Other Direct Service Staff
Community Member
Mental Health Consultant (optional)
Anyone Else?

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It is important that the members of the planning team understand and value a holistic approach to mental health services. Planning team members should also be familiar with "best practices" in mental health consultation. Another good resource for general early childhood mental health services in Head Start/Early Head Start is the What Works Report. You will want to spend some time at the first meeting developing a common understanding of what is meant by "mental health" that is developmentally appropriate and incorporates cultural considerations. In addition, the discussion should address the importance of support child, family, and staff mental health through a program-wide approach.




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