National Center for Effective Mental Halth Consultation

Activity: Job Description Checklist

Spend a few minutes thinking about where your program is now in terms of the quality of your current mental health consultant job description. Revisit your program values and priorities from the previous learning activity and consider how they might influence your thinking.

Complete the following checklist to assess where your job description or contract may need improvement. For each item below, think about whether you: (1) need to write or add this component; (2) need to improve this component; or (3) are satisfied with the detail and content of this component.

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  Need to Write Needs Improvement Looks Good
Job Summary Statement
Description of general Duties
Description of specific tasks
Allocation of time for duties/tasks
Description of administrative supervision
Description of clinical supervision
Required or preferred content knowledge
Required or preferred specific skills
Required or preferred abilities or experience
Required or preferred training/education
Other identified requirements
Schedule of periodic job description and/or contract review




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