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Activity: How Would a Mental Health Workgroup Fit in My Program?

Head Start programs are often overloaded with committees, workgroups, and other structures that can sometimes seem burdensome instead of productive. Some committees start off with enthusiasm but lose momentum over time.

To have an effective Mental Health Workgroup, give some thought to how to most efficiently build off existing structures in your program, and what makes sense for you and your staff and families. Start by completing the table below.

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Possible Existing Structures & Tools Things to Consider Possible Actions
Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) How can you coordinate the work of the Mental Health Workgroup with the HSAC?
Policy Council How will you involve parents/policy council in your Mental Health Workgroup?
Staff Wellness Committee Do you have a wellness committee? Think about coordinating the work of your Mental Health Workgroup with this committee.
Mental Health Strategic Plan If you don’t have one, think about developing one!
Mental Health Needs Assessment If you don’t have one, think about doing one!
Community Needs Assessment What information exchange is important between the Community Needs Assessment and the work of the Mental Health Workgroup?
Training Plan Are there training needs for mental health on the training plan?
Program Work Plan for Mental Health If your program has a work plan does it adequately address ongoing mental health services/supports?




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