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If you are unfamiliar or want to refresh your familiarity with the Head Start and Early Head Start Program Performance Standards, use the following links to access the current Performance Standards document. Take your time to Click and Learn the more than 40 standards that relate to social/emotional development and mental health, some of which appear in each of the subsections and service areas included in the Standards.

Part 1304 Head Start Performance Standards

  • Subpart A, 1304.3: Definitions
  • Subpart B, 1304.20-24: Early Childhood Development and Health Services
  • Subpart C, 1304.40-41: Family and Community Partnerships
  • Subpart D, 1304.50-53: Program Design and Management

Part 1308 Serving Children with Disabilities

  • Subpart A, 1308.1-3: General
  • Subpart B,1308.4: Disabilities Service Plan
  • Subpart C, 1308.5: Social Services
  • Subpart D: Health Services, 1308.6-18
  • Subpart E, 1308.19: Education Services
  • Subpart F, 1308.20: Nutrition Services
  • Subpart G. 1308.21: Parent Involvement

Please note: This document presents requirements for serving children ages 3-5. Requirements for providing disability services for infants and toddlers are contained in 1304.20(f)(2)(I))

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