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Activity: Effective Trauma-Focused Interventions Available in My Community

In addition to a list of community resources, it would be useful to know which effective interventions are available in your community, region or state in order to make informed referrals. Use the previously provided "Questions to Ask Early Childhood Mental Health Providers" and the list of effective interventions above to inquire with local, regional, and/or state-wide mental health providers about their capacity to provide trauma-focused therapy to young children and families.

Effective Intervention Available Provider(s)
Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competence (ARC) Y | N
Child-Parent Psychotherapy Y | N
Combined Parent Child Cognitive-Behavioral Approach Y | N
COPE — Community Outreach Y | N
Forensically Sensitive Therapy Y | N
Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Y | N
Preschool PTSD Treatment Y | N

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